Floral Therapy on a Dreary Day

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:27 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

I am somewhat relieved that I checked the weather forecast last night and saw that there was no improvement, and there was still going to be a dramatic drop in temperature.  I will admit, until then, I  had been tempted to take the plunge again and plant out more things this morning. But since we are also back to having the heat pump going and bundling up warm, I think the tomatoes are definitely safer in the porch.

I did however pop in a few extra bean seeds and cucumbers in gaps alongside those already planted out. It is not unusual for me to direct sow a few extras with some crops....it's my just encase security blanket, and also my way of planting some more crops to share. 

This morning I also decanted a few more bottles of worm tea for my mum, and dropped them off to her on the way to work. 

This afternoon it was too cold to get it into the garden after work, but I did have a wander around. More dahlias are up, more petunias are out, and the double snap dragons are out. While these are not as fun to play with as the singles, I prefer these. Most interestingly though would be the flower on my dead passionfruit and my dead gerba 🤣.

Apparently I did not kill the gerbra a few weeks ago....it just did not like it's spot. It's much happier back in its old spot. And the passionfruit that was dying and chopped back at the base last year regrew.


Floral Therapy on a Dreary Day