Flowers, friends and final farewells

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Date:08 Dec 2023

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As yet another challenge winds up, it inevitably means that it is a chance to reflect on the positives and the negatives of another spring growing season. This year, the balance is certainly in favour of the positives. And like always, the  biggest positives are by far the camaraderie found on here. Sarah with her mentoring, Kayla for stepping in, and all the friends on here. Some who have been here as long as I have, and many new. This is what make gardening even more enjoyable...the friends you meet along the way. Outside the gardening community, very few get excited about the share enjoyment that we get with the first spring seedlings emerging, or commiserate with the broken stems, or the wilting onions. On here it is a safe place to share without judgement. 

The knowledge and inspiration gained along the way keeps us motivated. I don't think you ever stop learning as there is always a new variety to plant, or a new challenge to take on board.

That all being said..... 

The Positives:

Tomatoes producing in September - nailed it. Next year, more plants, and I will definitely try cucumbers early too.

Kumara Slips - nailed it. The question really is, why did I not know this earlier? It makes so much sense.

The Negatives:

The onions - still holding in there, but the rain really is our enemy with that crop.

Snapped Tomatoes - yep. New Leaning. If I am not going to plant out while little, then staking is going to be necessary whilst still in a pot. 

Looking at the above, if the onions and a few snapped tomatoes are the worst we get this year, I am okay with that. Although, I will admit, after reading the article about the Fall Army Worm already emerging in Whangarei this week, I'm not without my anxieties, and we also know that blight still could appear at anytime. I am armed and ready to go if we need to deal with it.

I will still be lurking in the background, and look forward to seeing everyones gardens develop further. And as a timely final photo, I share with you my first garden dahlia which emerged today. This is the first one I every owned. It is from my mum.

Many thanks to Sarah and the team at Yates.

Ka  kite. I will see you again.




Flowers, friends and final farewells