Front lawn tidy up! Heat level advice.


Date:13 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Well Kerry's Birthday guests will be here for the weekend, so a midweek tidy up was needed as there will be no garden time!

Unlike some dilegent edgers here I opt for power tools to keep it quick and easy 😊

I seems we have a few varients in Chilli heat levels and thought I would give a little advice. 

Different chillies have different ways of burning. Cayenne is fast and forward, but not lingering and does not keep building after you stop. This is the safest and easiest heat to deal with. Alkaline fats will absorb and lessen the burn. Vanilla ice-cream works well. It will work for all chillies below. 

Baccatum species, like Bishops crown (very mild) and the sugar rush  are juicy and the oils move arounfmd in the mouth more. The burn comes from behind the tounge and moves forward. This builds, slowly. The sweetness hides the true strength of the chilli. 

The pubescent are similar to Baccatum, Rocotto, manzano are examples.

The hottest are the Chinense. Habanero is popular and is fast hard and builds. Intense floral notes will preseed the burn. Ice cream is recommended!

My favourite are the frutescens. Nandos Piri Piri and Thai or Vietnamese foods are full of these chillies. They have a smokey slightly earthy bitter note with intense heat. The burn builds with the more you eat, layering burn upon burn, rather than just building.

Dehydrating increases the burn as the oils soak through the peppers fruity walls. Removing the placenta removes up to 90% of the heat. This can be done before dehydrating. Smoking is the same. 

Pairing with alkaline foods like cream, or cream cheese tones down the heat. Cheese and oily food soaks up the heat and spreads it around the mouth spreading the burn around. Chilli oils are not hotter or milder, just more even. 

What ever your heat level is, the more you eat, the more you need to get the same effect and it is a little bit adictive. Just be aware that those around you may not have your heat level. Many chilies are grown for challanges or just because they are pretty or fun. Peter pepper comes to mind here😊.

The health advantages of peppers are great, they are also a hot food in metabolism terms creating an increase, but this is not my area of expertise😊

Enjoy your peppers as sweet, mild or blow your mind out. For me Nandos extra hot  is my just getting on the hot level, but I do appreciate that cayenne can be a bit much. Smoked paprika is a great alternative for flavour without heat😊

Front lawn tidy up! Heat level advice.