Garden Tour ends with Kerry's Birthday


Date:16 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Let the season of Fun begin. The start of a new year for Kerry and today we celebrate her Birthday. A few ne additions to the meal as this year we experimented with flowers more, and they had their place in a side salad and as a finishing touch to ginger soy chicken meatballs. Main was our Chicken Teriyaki, her favourite! And the weather was certainly a team player as it was lovely and warm with no wind! 

As for the garden tour, this is the missing link between the dinning area and the BBQ area. The original tour skipped this spot from the Flower pots to the hanging basket.

The area seat 8 people as a norm, but the bench seats from the table can be introduced at both ends taking the total to 14. The backdrop allows filtered afternoon light as this faces North and the sun can get a bit much.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday. For those that are still working(I'm one) I hope it is not too stressful as this time of year can get a bit rushed and people can be a a little less nice. All the rest enjoy the time off leading up to Christmas! 

Garden Tour ends with Kerry's Birthday