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Date:07 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Flowers

We end the tour at the BBQ Area. 2 pots of pink and white petunia open up to a grassed area (mixture of grasses, weeds and some odd creepers). A Jasmin adds night time fragrance when in flower, a porrex Rhododendron and lime, the corner has a pot of putunia under the ferns. White lamps and a clock decorate the area. Going along the 3 step stone path to a small deck we have the BBQ, a pot with a bay laurel, surrounded by chives stands on the corner of the mondo grassed deck, a pink pot with white petunia tie in the colour theme. The BBQ is nicely out of the way here, but easily accessible when we need it. There is also the option of the Chimnea for wood fired Pizza options too.

Hope you enjoyed the tour and have a beter view of my garden. It is not large, but very functional and fairly easy to maintain. We do have lots of fun with friends and family. It is big enough at a new years BBQ for about 40 people or perfectly suited for a dinner party for 8. 

Garden Tour last Post.