Gherkin Galore and Tying Tomatoes

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:07 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Today was another busy day with a school trip (not with my kids, but with a different class supporting another teacher). I will admit, with the our weekend away, two school trips last week (mine and my youngest's) and my oldest on a trip yesterday, I decided to call it quits on after school activities today. Sometimes you just need to know when enough is enough, and a break is needed from the constant running around, and also knowing when the kids need a break.

I used that time to string up my tomatoes giving myself that much needed break (yep minor jobs are my break/exercise). I had already weeded and removed laterals this morning. All in all, 20 minutes before work, and 20 minutes after work, and more importantly, some me time at both ends of the day.

Our tomato frame is portable and moves from bed to bed (screwed in each time). We initially stake the tomatoes while small, then we start securing from above by twisting stretchy garden string down the main leader. Some of these have additional leaders so I will secure them as well in the next few days. For the larger heirloom varieties, we often support the fruiting arms as well. The benefit of the frame is that in storms we can secure windbreaks around the outside to give protection.

At the back of the garden I have some gherkins on pvc piping from part of our old chicken run with net woven through. To allow the gherkins to spread further, I added some fishing nylon (I use this as it lasts for years without needing replacing)

I also managed to sort some refridgerator pickles (gherkins) this morning. It is not unusual for me to do those at the sametime as sorting lunch. If you haven't given these a try, I highly recommend them. Not only are they wuick to do, but having a dupply in the fridge is great on busy days to add to salads or as a side fish.  It is only a 5-10 minute job. Heat mixture. Let cool. Pour over chopped gherkins. I added a few spices, and garlic, and then popped it in the fridge. It is better after a day or do, but ive slreafy had a nibble.

At the moment I also have some beetroot on the go. I won't worry about the sterilizing of jars, as I will put it straight into a special Tupperware container for the fridge. Our beetroot gets eaten as fast as I make it and it is a rarity that I actually get to preserve any for the pantry.

All and all, a productive day. 

Gherkin Galore and Tying Tomatoes