Golden Sweet F1 Overview


Date:23 Jan 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

When planning this years tomato choices, I was missing an orange cherry. Now I know that seems unimportant, but the idea of a colourful bowl of cherry tomatoes was a goal for this year and a goal achieved.

This tomato is interesting.nit blends in unnoticeabley in a salad with all the other cherries, unlock black cherry, which is a stand out sweet flavour. On it's own it is another tomato, mid range in the sweet scale with a taste of brightness. Not particularly citrus, but kind of bright like a lemon, without the lemon flavour... which led me to add lemon basil to it. 

If you like lemon or lime based dressings, then this is a cherry tomato for you. Would be great as a fresh green salad with cucumbers, onions and a lemon dressing for a side with fish.

I was not impressed enough though to add this to next year unless I need a filler plant. This is one I do recommend dependent on cuisine choice. 

Golden Sweet F1 Overview