Happy Buys, Sad Eyes


Date:03 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

I went to pick up our online order from Countdown this morning and I also needed to shoot in to the garden shop that's on my way home to get some more spinach seed. Not that anybody will be suprised, but some other things happened to pop into my trolley...


I could not resist these wee scarecrows. They will go in each end of my tunnelhouse to try to deter the birds from eating my tomatoes. I will need to tie them onto longer stakes to give them any chance of working, but they look cute even if they don't work! The bird stakes are also so gorgeous, which will replace the wooden stakes I have for the new Dahlias I bought not long ago. 


My mystery plant in the tunnelhouse that was suppose to be a cucumber is in fact a kamo kamo. I've hummed and harred for a couple of days what to do with it. Kamo kamo grow massive, and I really don't have the room for it to keep growing in there unfortunely. So I made the decision to move it - knowing full well it probably won't survive, I should have moved it weeks ago, but you live and you learn. I would have regretting keeping it in there having to climb over it to get to everything else, so I'm happy with my decision even though I will most likely lose it. I bought another cucumber to take it's place plus two more gherkins as I have some room for those. 


I sowed some spinach seed, the new lettuce varieties I bought today, spring onions, peas and beetroot. I planted out the mint I grew from seed into a large pot, the only other herb seeds that came up was coriander and parsley, which I planted out a while ago. I think the seed may have been too old. Something is having a good munch on our strawberries so I put some bait out around those. And lastly I fed the rock melon plant that's struggling. 


I then had to come inside, it's a windy day here and hubby mowed the lawns so my hay-fever is super bad today. Hope you all are having a lovely weekend 😊

Happy Buys, Sad Eyes