Happy Friday!


Date:08 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Just like that the week comes to the end and we are at the weekend!

The birds got to my young lettuces but I found some self seeded ones elsewhere to fill the gaps.

As much as much as I wanted to proper garden this afternoon Mr ben wanted help with his 'pirate stew' so we picked all manner of 'yucky' things to put in his concoction. I did relise in astonishment that he now knows the names of most of the weeds and plants in my backyard. Alot of which most adults can't name so at not quite 4 I am very proud of his plant knowledge. 

He also helped water some plants, hopefully we can practice that going foward so less water ends up everywhere and on me and more on the plants.our afternoon finished picking herbs for homemade pizza which we ate on the deck.

I'd like to thank Sarah form yates for all the hard work and all the other bloggers for sharing your Intel on how to get the most out of the garden. It has been amazing reading all the updates and seeing all that's going on. I feel I have learnt alot this year from being in this cool community of gardeners.

I will still blog abit although maybe not as much as summer is just too fun with a toddler. I hope to see updates from Neil and the flower lady as I've come to really look foward to seeing the grafting/chillis  and cool flowers you guys have going on.

Merry festive season! Bring on summer 😃

Happy Friday!