Happy Monday!


Date:13 Nov 2023

The sun is out today in Auckland, which is a wonderful (and surprising) way to start the week! I hope everyone else got to enjoy a bit of sunshine this past weekend, it was almost strange to have a weekend with no rain or grey clouds.

This image comes from my good friend’s garden in Hamilton and was taken a month or two ago. Her and her fiancé started growing vegies at home this year because they got sick of paying the supermarket prices and wanted to see if they could save any money. Their garden is now full of various vegetable plants that they frequently harvest from and enjoy in their home cooked meals. It has been really cool seeing my friends discover the joys of gardening (and the benefits of saving some money here and there) and seeing what amazing things they can grow.

I caught up with them this weekend and their tomato plants are now almost as tall as the stakes. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo, but I was very impressed! They said they have been religiously feeding them, and it has clearly paid off!

The lucky random winner of the weekly free packet of seeds is ChrisC! The seeds will be on their way to you very soon :)

I’ve also got the pleasure of awarding an Encouragement Award Prize! This past weekend Northern Backyard Gardener had an unfortunate fright while out doing some shopping for her garden. Thankfully her and her family are all ok! She did a great job of turning her day around though, and was able to get back in the garden and repurpose some old scraps into a new structure! We hope you enjoy the prize and are able to get everything fixed soon. I will send out your prize this week :)

Thanks, Kayla :D

Happy Monday!