Happy Spring Day 2023


Date:01 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Welcome Everybody! This years garden is filled with some new ideas, changed places and a bit of the same old! Some tomatoes are out, and new ones are in. Mexican chillies was going to be the focus, but that has changed to variety maximisation to build up seed stock to future proof my selections. There are some cool varieties that are in this year, and I wil blog about them.

This weekend I will be sowing my zuchinni, cucumbers and butternuts, so they are ready for October transplants. 

Peppers are in the tunnel house, and some are still in the grow cupboard, a few varieties were sown tonight and 1 more variety is in the post.

Tomatoes are in the garage halfway house, they were put there 2 nights ago, and will go to the tunnel house tomorrow, waiting for the bones to tell me it right for them to go out. 

GOOD LUCK All! Happy sowing. 

Happy Spring Day 2023