Harvesting Tips.... Christmas PJ edition! Plus Thanks.


Date:08 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Well James has done the summer harvesting dress down to a tee, but from the comments it's seems that PJ harvesting is popular too.

Well a few tips are:

1) It is still cool in the morning, so if the lace is a little thin, a top underneath will help keep you warm and protect a little bit of  modesty.

2) A trug is recommended as picking up the bottom to use as a basket will stretch the lace, or damage it, or even pull threads. If you are harvesting chillis, the oils in the lace will create an uncomfortable day😂

3) Remember a towel at the door to dry your feet on the way in.

4) Keep the PJs seasonal, rabbit ears for Easter, Birthday suit for Birthdays😂?

Thanks everyone for all the fun over the challange, hope everyone sticks around as there is so much more to see, learn and share. 

Thanks Sarah for hosting us, Kayla too! Thanks Yates for the gifts for everyone along the way. 

I have already summed up my season in the last blog, but 1 thing this challange does bring is the drive to add to the challange, to try new things as people ask questions, give advice and genuinely care about the results. 

James... Do you like? 😊


Harvesting Tips.... Christmas PJ edition! Plus Thanks.