Hopscotch anyone

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:12 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

This morning I sowed some more seed , mostly flowers but some purple climbing beans to , I was not overly happy with the germination using potting mixes with a covering of the coco fibre .

Having the amazing worm casting this time I mixed pretty much equal parts coco , worm castings and potting mixes , google tells me this will have a good result and because my fav part of gardening is that we are always learning and will never know everything I need to try different things often .

Then I got into raking out the grass clippings , I moved the pavers to I think they are a bit more fun to hop from one to the other this way , and I don't want the soil under them to sour .

I will keep adding to the thatch fencing but have done enough including pruning the Coprosma away that was bowing though , I will be able to use any sticks as long as they are bendy enough .

Hopscotch anyone