I’m feeling a bit like Joe


Date:19 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Does anyone else listen to podcasts by Joe Lamp'l? He does the ‘Joe Gardner show’ and has ‘growing a greener world’ on YouTube.


I find podcasts are great to listen to while gardening, and even better when they are garden related!


He’s in the northern hemisphere, so the timing is out for us southerners, but I really like being able to listen through winter and get all inspired ready for our spring and summer.


So why do I feel like him? He has a bit of a tomato addiction, and I feel like I’m going that way too! I already have 6 different varieties of tomatoes started and just received this one from Yates, so looks like I’ll now have 7 varieties in my garden this year… will I have room for them all? I’ll be sure to make room!!!

I’m feeling a bit like Joe