Kitchen Time

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:30 Jan 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Recipes

Having had to postpone our trip to Auckland for a BMX event, today has been spent pottering around both  the kitchen and in the garden (while the rain has been consistent, it has only been light). While we've avoided the worst of it today,  Whangarei appears to be preparing themselves for intense flooding over next day or so. Sandbags have been made available, and my course that I was meant to be on tomorrow has been postponed. I am somewhat relieved as the street that the Ministry of Ed is renowned for flooding. 

Despite everything, we are continuing to eat from the garden.The tomatoes are holding their own and starting to lighten up, and everything is looking relatively healthy for now. In order to get a bit more airflow and stop the spread of mildew, I have placed black polythene on top of the corn I chopped down, and have placed a few of my buckets and bags on top of that.  Hopefully that will help reduce thd spread of mildew.

Today I also pulled out the remaining leeks from last year, and popped in the tomatoes that we grew from laterals as a back up. With an abundance of leeks atm  we have been combining them with the left over xmas ham that we chopped up and froze over xmas and making tarts.  Tarts and quiches have become my boys favourite lunches at the moment, and with a bit of time on my hand, I have enjoyed experimenting with different combinations and  using what we have at hand.

Take care over the coming days, and stay safe.

Kitchen Time