Last weekend of Autumn


Date:27 May 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Well Autumn is nearly over and the winter is about to set in. It has certainly cooled off in the last few days too. 

My vertical Kumara was a great success., getting 1. 5 kg of orange kumara in a just under a 1/3 m ter square. I think I should have lifted them a week ago though as a few were split. The last rain may have been too much. Will keep 1 to sprout so October I can plant a second generation.

The dry morning has let me mow the lawns at last, so garden is looking a bit more respectable. 

The Brassica garden is doing well, worms have been a nightmaee, but seem to be slowing down now, the other gardens have cover crops, apart from carrots and silver beet. 

Yams I will dig up this afternoon as the tops are dying down. 

The broad beans are doing well, and I have a few snow peas flowering. 

Pea straw will arrive this afternoon so I can start preparing my pepper bed and set up the green house for August transplants. 

Hope everyone stays nice and warm over winter, enjoy the roasts, casseroles and chilli 😊

Last weekend of Autumn