Little and infrequent

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:11 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

That's the only way to describe the last 3 days , I have been doing the must do's and I spread a little mulch layer of grass clippings .

I don't pot on all my flowers first I will plant out from the seed trays , the amaranth, strawflowers and zinnias are pretty much ready I will give them one more soak in seaweed fert and water in with worm wees , this works for both my work load and energy level , and I find it easier than loads of pots .

I have been fatigued the last 3 days which sucks , but in that I have realised a few things that I do that makes life easier and more manageable, the soak bins are one of those , if I'm struggling to stand for to long being able to pop trays or pots in a dunk bed means I can dunk and sit .

have harvested lettuce , manderins , lemons , eggs , chives , cauliflower , spinach , silverbeet , carrots , and the first sugar snap pea , so I do believe my garden helps my health so much , I love how being in the garden is instantly calming when you start getting it looking great or it's producing fruit and vege 

I will add another pic it's cut off the shelf above .


Little and infrequent