Long Distance Gardening

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:08 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

I've blogged previously about our dismal lack of success with garlic which has succumbed to rust in our vegie garden for the past 4 or 5 years no matter what we have tried to stop it. 

This year we bit the bullet and decided to grow from a distance. We have planted garlic in one of our son's gardens several k's away and our second son's lifestyle property around 80 k's away. We go and tend and feed and so far they're looking healthy and (shh don't say it too loud) - no rust!!

We also decided that our quite compact suburban garden is not rambling enough to grow a reasonable amount of pumpkins. We've grown them for the past two years but have had to contain them to a smallish area and have only harvested 6 or 8 each time.  They also take up one of our five garden areas which we could be using for other vegies. 

Last year I gave our lifestyle son and his partner a few pumpkin plants which they planted in the long grass on the edge of a gully where nothing else was growing. They didn't tend them and in fact forgot they were there until they stumbled on 13 beautiful crown pumpkins in autumn last year. So guess what?  Today we went over and planted seven crown pumpkin plants on the edge of their gully. Hopefully they will produce as prolifically as last years!

Loving this long distance gardening!

Long Distance Gardening