Luscious Leaves

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:14 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

We are really lucky here in Whanganui that our climate is perfect for growing citrus. When we bought our property 6 years ago there were 3 established citrus trees - a lemonade, an orange and a Meyer lemon. They have been prolific producers and we have really enjoyed finding ways to use them. Right now the blossom is so fragrant and delicious and we're looking forward to another great crop (and we're still harvesting from all of them).

Since we have been here we have added a Tahitian lime, a Satsuma mandarin and a Kaffir lime.

The Tahitian lime has been wonderful and grown into a well rounded bush that has given us bowls full of fruit each year.

The mandarin got off to a shaky start. It is planted in a spot that really gets hammered by westerly winds and suffered horrendously in it's first two years. We had just about given up on it but SH built a wind break around it and it has never looked back. We had a good crop last year, the wind break is now gone and you can see in the picture the new growth we have this year.

The Kaffir lime is in our herb garden. It's grown for its leaves rather than it's fruit which are pretty sour. It has also thrived in it's sunny spot and right now has a flush of shiny new leaves. 

We're loving our citrus.

Luscious Leaves