Making room


Date:13 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

I've chopped out a broccoflower to make room for some dwarf Borlotto beans. The broccoflower was a bit of an experiment for us, there were no proper broccoli seedlings around (only 'mini' broccoli, that won't feed 3 hungry children!), so we tried the broccoflower. It was definitely more cauliflower than broccoli, in texture and taste. 

One broccoflower that we harvested a while back is responding. Does anyone know if it will form a head again or should I be chopping it right back?

I haven't grown the beans before, so I don't know how much space I should have given them, oh well, I suppose I'll find out! I poked holes in the garden 'straight-jacket' and planted the seedlings in to minimize weeding.

I let a nearby broccoli flower and I enjoy hearing the quiet hum of activity that's always going on around it :)

Making room