Malawi Picante and some Pepper learnings.


Date:04 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Well most of the chillis that we commonly know are all Capsicum Annuum, they are the easiest, most prolific and widest spread. The powders produce that we use so commonly like Paprika, Cayenne Pepper, Chipotle along with the pickled peppers, like Jalapeño and pepperocini are all from this group.

Moving onto a slower, later producing plant that moves up into the Gourmet group of prepared peppers, one that took the world by storm, one that I had hoped would have fruit to show this challange, but nature had other plans, coming from the Baccatum family is Malawi Picante. More commonly known by its trade marked name of Peppadew. They are normally bought bottled in a sweet/sour pickling liquid or at the deli stuffed with cream cheese. Thses plants have grown huge and are still not flowering. The other plants around are all producing peppers and some ripe for picking. All the Baccatum except Bishops crown are still growing. 

Now like the Mexican chillis, Peppadew is not the pepper, but rather the processed pepper. While we can now get the seeds to grow the plants, the process is still secret, and trademarked. Chillichump has a YouTube video for a copy cat recipe that I will try once I have ripe fruit.

Other learnings are that my early planted peppers are out growing my overwintered ones, which is surprising. I really thought that the over wintered ones would be the way to go. 

My saved seed from my habanero are double the size of the bought seed plants. The pink Habanero is normally a smaller plant than the yellow and giant red. But my saved pink Habanero is the biggest of the 3, and full if flowers. A huge success for this pepper. The cayenne from saved seed is also doing much beter than last years plant. 

A few experimental peppers are now fruiting but will wait to showcase them with ripe peppers as I will stay in the blog after the challange is over, so pop back to see them😊. 

Everybodies gardens are looking so great, Enjoy them! 


Malawi Picante and some Pepper learnings.