Naughty Nanny!

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:29 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

I have been naughty and I had to admit it to SH when he came home from work today.

I've previously blogged about our early spuds in tyres which I grew especially to tickle so that I didn't tickle our main crop Agria, which are our keepers for the year ahead. We harvested the remainder of our "earlies" last week which we are still eating.

This afternoon after getting home from work, I went for a wander around the vegie patch with my trug and picked some strawberries, some peas and a bunch of sweet peas. I looked longingly at our potato patch and wondered to myself if there was anything under there.

My feet took me to my girl shed, made me put a glove on my hand and propelled me to the potato patch where like a tickling addict I plunged my gloved hand into the side of a row. Within seconds I felt something hard and so tickled and tickled and came up with a spud much bigger than my fist.....yusssss!

I am now satisfied that there will be another crop to store for next year and we don't need them to eat right now so will be happy to leave them to mature for another month or so.

SH did give me a very stern look when I admitted my naughtiness - but I think he was secretly impressed.

Naughty Nanny!