Never say Never

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:02 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

On the 24th of November I will admit I had a bit of a garden meltdown and blogged about a sad kumara situation I had found myself in. I was pretty down about not being able to buy any kumara slips and had resigned myself to not growing kumara this year. 

Plan A - I had prepared mounds for them with compost and potato fertiliser and had their new home ready - but they were not to be. So when I was told by all of the local nurseries there would be no more kumara available I went to....

Plan B - I planted the prepared beds with capsicum, cucumber and basil.

Today I went to my local nursery to grab a six pack of lettuce and what do I see? Kumara slips!! Pots of six (which turned out to be 8 and 7).

Plan B turned into Plan C as I relocated the capsicum, cucumber and basil to other beds and rejuvenated the original kumara beds with more potato fertiliser, some blood and bone and compost - then planted out my 15 kumara slips. 

Yay!! So excited. I hope they're worth it. 

Never say Never