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Date:10 Dec 2023

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It is so pleasing to see so many of us still on here sharing. I am loving sitting down and catching up on what people are up to. Admitably, right now I am also using it as task avoidance as spring cleaning the bathroom is on the list of chores to do today.

Yesterday I managed to sneak in an hour tidying up things in the garden before my brother arrived with his two boys in tow. His 6 month old (corrected age) has been ill in hospital and was discharged on Friday.  So that my SIL could catch up on work for her business, they asked if I could help out. My two helped with the two year old, and I looked after my baby nephew. I can't complain as I got lots of snuggles from both boys. 

Today, in between avoiding the bathroom by vacuuming, baking, washing, and even spraying the house and caravan with an eco solution,  I  also put in stage two of a berry garden expansion.

A few weeks ago as part of my birthday, hubby put stage one in....a basic edging by our chicken coop. We have a massive/solid berry frame there but hubby keeps weed eating the raspberry (we must be the only ones who can kill raspberries. Thankfully he hasn't killed my orange raspberry).  He also flicks the bark the chickens kick out onto my car as our carport is to the other side.  In an attempt to get more berries, and to improve the aesthetics of this area and save my car, I decided a year ago a strip of soil down the side will allow berries to expand.. it took us a year to actually do it as we needed the drainage sorted first. I will weed mat and stone the small remaining grass strip. The chooks should keep the berries from spreading down one side and the concrete of the carport will stop it the other way. I'm also planning on putting a few pots in amongst the stones to add some colour. This area really doesn't fit with the rest of our section so hopefully it unites it more.

And now the bathroom.awaits.

New Projects