Ode to an Onion

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:30 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

The onion is one of those vegetables that you don't grow to say (like peas or beans or broccolli or lettuce or corn) "I've just had a feed of my own home grown onions".

Onions are an extra. Like herbs they are an additive, an essential in so many dishes and absolutely vital as a flavour builder in a myriad of dishes. I ADORE onions.

I also love growing vegetables that will last the distance ie. they will keep for a long period of time and earn their space in my vegie garden. Onions certainly do that. We grow Pukekohe Long Keepers (I love that they are an NZ variety) every year. We still have a bag from our 2022 crop hanging in the garden shed. 

And it's a double whammy because any smaller onions get pickled in my dear Mum's recipe and also last for over a year. The photo is of this years PLK grown from Yates seed - hopefully another years worth of yumminess. 

We do spray our onions with copper to keep the rust at bay and I feed them with thrive to give them a little extra oomph. 

Onions are round and yellow and smelly

No one would eat them with strawberry jelly

But slice them in rings and fried up in batter

I'd eat them all day and get fatter and fatter

(This is not my own poem but I like it!)

This is a crop I would highly recommend.

Ode to an Onion