One Step Closer

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:22 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Despite it being a tad windy at times today, it was certainly a very productive day all round and I'm finally sitting down for more than 20 mins for the first time today (7 pm)

The first job of the day was to harvest the last couple of cabbages in one garden, carrots in another, and some Japanese turnips in another. This cleared a pathway for corn, beans,  cucumbers, gherkins and a few sunflowers to go in.

Over the last year I have moaned somewhat about the excess water here and its pathway. One problem was that it also eventually tracked through the chicken run resulting in everything being washed to one end. While annoying at the time, I had a bit of a nosey the other day and the negative is now a positive. Combined with a bit of lawn clippings hubby chucks in there, and some of the garden waste fed to the chickens, the end result was a half spade deep of lovely area of rich manure/compost. Bucket loads. I moved about 30 buckets today, and should have enough hopefully for two more gardens that will be planted out next weekend.

Once this was dug through, the popping  corn, one  lot of sunflowers, and some deli beans went into one garden. With the wind quite strong at times, I decided to pop the netted cloche back over for now. Scattered around my other beds, there are also a number of varying frames in which cucumbers, gherkins, and more beans were planted. As per normal everything was given a good seaweed feed to help promote strong roots, and a bit of Dynsmic Lifter scattered on the side.

Once that was sorted, the next lot of seedlings came out into the porch. This was predominantly the tomatoes, and a range of squash.

After sorting the washing, cleaning, doing some baking, prepping dinner and putting  groceries away, I had a more leisurely potter in the garden this evening and planted a few extra petunias, nasturtiums and lavender. 

The garden is getting there slowly. I still have the big 3 by 3 garden to sort, and the grow bags, but that is the last on my list.


One Step Closer