Pepper in a Can Callange.


Date:05 Mar 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Thereecare a few crazy pepper challange, and I tend to refrain from many of them. I have eaten chilli for most of my life and had my fair share of wanting frozen toilet paper and eating too much ice cream to stop the burn.

But the challange of growing a pepper to ripe fruit from start to finish in a stud size coke can sounds like a challange of skill. So Biqhuino and Costa Rican are going into 340ml cans. Another challange is purple UFO in a 16oz (473ml) can.

I will show my progress here. The prizes are all seeds so no prizes for me as they are all unique variants from small time growers and the cannot get phytosanitary certification to import here.

Growing though winter will be a new challange aswell.

Pepper in a Can Callange.