Pepper Plants for spring.


Date:12 Jul 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Spring is approaching faster and faster now. This means there is less and less time to get ready. The pepper garden is an earthworm haven and they are doing such wonderful work getting the soil ready. In the meantime we have the science cupboard, this year we have 3 shelves, heated with thermostat control for heating and cooling fans. 6500k white LED light giving them 147PPFD light radiation per m2. They are currently living in seed raising mix and getting 1/2 strength chilli focus hydroponic mix from the time the second set of true leaves appear.

A lot of changes in varieties this year. Piri Piri is in the list along with malawi picante, making up the African contingent. Poblano is added to the Mexican representatives and the South American baccatums are a big feature list year. We also have a Scandinavian hot blonde to spice thingd up. This seed came with tatse tester pods, and are fantastic with notes of pineapple and leaves a after taste similar to black pepper, not too hot at 100 000 SHU, it's a great snacking variety.

These move to the green house in August to make way for the tomatoes! 

Pepper Plants for spring.