Peppers can be small.


Date:19 Aug 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

As most of you know already from previous blogs, I have been growing peppers in cans over winter. 

The project has been fun. I did well in not losing any plants. While one is not keen on setting fruit yet, it is healthy and still have time to get fruit. 

My Black pearl pepper seeds are not true to type, Jalapeño gate got me here. I have ordered new seed from a different batch now. I saying that it is an interesting pepper, looks more cayenne like and a small compact plant. Will keep seed and see if it is a stable cross, if not I will back cross as I have more seeds from this batch and se of I can get it stable to its current form. Next winters project lined up. 

Anyway, I hope the latest front blowing in is kind, and everyone gets over the winter snuffles gor a healthy spring challange. 

Peppers can be small.