Pollen plumes

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:06 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

20 degrees and very windy , the clothes line is chocka and I'm not doing anything dramatic in the garden today , but I have harvested most of the leeks to freeze .

I will give them a good wash cut into rings , lay out on trays freeze and once frozen I will vacuum pack them for use later . 
I never used to like leeks to much but now I treat them a bit more like timid onions . 

I also made what will be a vege washing station , I have most of the bits , again other things lying around put together , but I would like the water to not be wasted so some kind of catchment perhaps , mmmm more thinking required . 

And the other pic is not dust that is the plume of pollen that is rolling over us , I am very grateful for hayfever tablets.

Pollen plumes