Popcorn and timings


Date:17 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

While I was doing my rounds this morning I lifted up a bean punnet and realised that they were in desperate need of bigger pots! So I transplanted all my beans up and a, few courgettes that were needing moved up size too. 

Even though I planted my climbing beans later than usual, I still think I've gone too early with them, I forget every season how fast they grow! Our property isn't all that protected from the wind, and even planting them out in the safe zone from frost, the wind seems to destroy them or sets them back. So I think I'll put some more seed in soon, because I know the seedlings I have will be screaming at me to be planted and I won't be able to hold off doing so, that way I'll have some spares to go in later, or even better another batch for successive plantings. 

While I was keeping warm in the greenhouse doing that I popped some popcorn seeds in, which I have never grown before so very excited about that! Now, I do have a question, as I'm growing regular sweetcorn, how far apart would they need to be so they don't cross pollinate?

I picked another cauli, not quite as big as the last one, but still a good size and pulled out some silverbeet that was starting to go to seed. 

 Popcorn and timings