Post Cyclone Gabrielle check in

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:19 Feb 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Just popped on to see how everyone is and lovely to read some are ok. Internet and mobile connection is still very on and off here  so jumping on to say hi while I can.

Very grateful for the seeds etc that came in my winnings from Yates , the carrots are UP and yesterday have resown the sweetcorn which was obliterated. 

It was surreal to wake on the first calm morning when the storm finally passed and observe a common blue butterfly fluttering over the sodden lawn ... how resiliant for such a wee wing-ed thing.

And the only ready to harvest edible survivors are the Brussels sprouts ( oddly they are not supposed to grow this far north - has provided many meals!)  And herbs, chillis and 1 tomato up by the studio. 

Lots of weeds to remove so hoping to find some forgotton 'treasures' these next few weeks. The zucchini plant still looks amazing in my vege patch but couldnt see any fruit on it yesterday or flowers ... shall have a proper look this week. 

Oh... and the experimental lemon seeds that i got growing are doing really well, one now has 4 leaves and about to need potting on again soon. Have it in the studio. 

Hope those who havnt posted are ok. Have been thinking of you all. 

Post Cyclone Gabrielle check in