Productive gardening and now the Spuds are in!!

Gardener:Gardening with the Dillons

Date:10 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Wow what a productive weekend... the weather is just amazing in beautiful Wellington right now (I hear thats going to change later this week 😪

Lawns mowed, hedges trimmed, seeds sown, and Potatos in the ground

Potatoes will be interesting as I've grown them in bags the past few seasons and it hasn't really been great crops, so I've gone back to growing in the garden that I grew my first potatoes a few years ago - and hoping they potato gods remember they were good to me there last time I planted in this space... fingers crossed....  So they're in a trench - had a few weeks chitting and - and I'll just keep topping up the soil as they peek out... 

Just two varieties this year - Jersey Benne and Rua.  Traditionally I've left Jersey's too long and got fairly normal size potatoes rather than baby spuds but with Christmas quickly coming and these late into the garden I might get my baby spuds after all! ...   Anyway - watch this space and we'll see how we go this season! 

Hope you all had a productive weekend like me - its great to feel on top of a few things to start the working week. 

Productive gardening and now the Spuds are in!!