Room to Grow?

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:21 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

I'm beginning to wonder whether I will have enough room to plant out all of the seedlings I have currently got growing. I have made plans, but may have gone a little over the top with my seed sowing. 

Spinach: I already have a row of spinach planted and now have another 9 punnets almost ready to plant out. I gave my son and daughter-in-law (the kids) 24 seedlings last month and they have said that is enough. Hmmm...

Beans: I have 24 seedlings each of dwarf green and gold ready for the kids garden and for ours - these should be fine. I also have around 18 climbing beans for the kids garden - all of my racks are taken up with climbing peas and sweet peas so I have no room for climbing beans.

Peas: I have two large trays of dwarf peas - one for us and one for the kids, should hopefully have room for these as well.

Tomatoes: The kids asked for Sweet 100, currently have around 20 seedlings, probably more than they need and only room for one or two plants here. Also have 12 Sweet Heart cherry toms because I wanted to try them - have no idea where I'll put them!

Corn: Haven't grown sweet corn this year due to lack of room but have go 12 seedlings of strawberry popcorn I want to try for the grandkids - no idea where I'll put them.

Pumpkin: 10 successful seedlings which we absolutely have no room for so they will be exported to our other sons lifestyle property.

I could go on but I'll just get more confused about my overwhelming abundance and underwhelming space. I'm sure friends and neighbours will appreciate the overflow however.

Room to Grow?