Seeds for new life and Grafting log 3


Date:01 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Walking around the garden I noticed there are some new flowers appearing from the wild seed packet from the garden magazine a few months back, which adds new excitement when you notice them for the first time!

Parsley and celery for cutting are going to seed, and the leeks have a new flower for me to add to salads and where ever I can. Hopefully the parsley and celery will create a living mulch where they are. The parsley is the third or fourth generation of self seeded Italian gigante a few years ago. The celery is the first time flowering for me. I also have a more raddichio style flavoured lettuce from the French mesculin mix going to flower, I am sure the bees will be happy with it. 

Sue likes tickling or as I call it Bandicooting 😂 and showed off some impressive results! Seeing the size of her potatoes, I could not help but have a sneek peak. As I have a small patch I was careful not to break it off. Jersey Bennes are a bit bigger than I hoped, oh well, guess we use them differently and I can use the the basket ones for Christmas new potatoes.

Green beans made a nice fresh crunchy morning snack. This is Blue lake Runner. I have ordered more seed to keep a continuous supply going.

Log3 update.. No photo as I did not want to disturb the humidity domes. But unlike yesterdays disaster these have not even wilted overnight. They have a little light reflected off the grow cupboard doors as they are open today. This looks far more positive than the first attempt. 

Happy weekend everybody. 

Seeds for new life and Grafting log 3