Seeds Sown

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:02 Apr 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

After spending years growing seedlings in our pet cages, or chillibins, or containers I decided to purchase a little greenhouse for my winter seedlings. After struggling to get things growing using our normal methods last spring, I needed to change a few things. Failing that, a heat pad will be next. 

Now I know that these setups often cause disasters for many, but we figured ours is not going outside in the usual sense. It will remain in our porch. To ensure we have no issues with the shelves, we have cable tied them on, and Connor put in a screw into the windowsill to stop it from topping over. The couch secures it in the other direction, with a window and wall on the remaining sides.

I will admit when I set off yesterday, I may not have intended on purchasing one quite as big (it is almost my height). The shelves are also quite big. I was just able to fir the unused polystyrene chillibin lid on the  (left over from the bin I grew the potatoes in). This gave it some further stability/and perhaps some further insulation.

Where it is positioned, it will get a lot of sun, but also some additional artificial light from our dining room. Observing the sun yesterday, and pondering over things, this morning I got up and added a few extra seeds to the ones sown yesterday....some sub arctic plenty tomatoes and a small determinate tumbling cherry.  Instead of it remaining empty once the seedlings go out, I am going to see what I can get growing in it over winter. I'll keep you posted.

Today I also continued with my preserving. This time something I have been meaning to do, but never got around to. Some guava jam/jelly. We have an ambundance of these, and most go to waste. This is my first attempt at making a jelly, and draining pulp through a cheese cloth. The jelly is nice and clear. Now to see if it sets properly. 

Seeds Sown