Slugs and snails be gone


Date:15 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

This is all that remains of the peas I planted the other day. The whole row eaten alive and just the skeletons left. I hadn't checked them in a few days nor use any slug pellets, so really I only have myself to blame!

I have some more pea seeds sown but their just poking through the soil now, so off I trotted to the garden store to get some more, along with more Blitzem! I picked up three more strawberry plants while I was there too. 

Got all those planted in between rain showers today, and transplanted some seedlings that needed bigger pots.

I was hoping to get my hoops up to plant the brassicas under, but that will be another days job as its been too windy this weekend. 


Slugs and snails be gone