Sowing and mounding


Date:30 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

This morning I've sown some more seed - peas, beans, baby spinach and lettuce. I want to be better at succession planting, and with having more garden space now I will (hope) be able to do this a lot easier, as my garden should have some space free for most of this growing season.

My taties are up, so they've been mounded for the first time this morning as well. I've very excited to be growing spuds again, as I had a year (possibly two) off from doing so due to wireworm. Hopefully being in a new area I don't have the same problem. Just incase, has anybody got any advice how to deter wireworm? 

At the far away end of this row I've planted some more potatoes about a week ago that had chitted themselves in the bag we bought from the supermarket.

After the wind the other day, we had to go grab anything we could to help secure the cloth from blowing off again, so pots and wooden posts it was. And I think they can just stay there!

I received my goodies in the mail today, thanks again Sarah and Yates team, they will be put to good use 😊

Sowing and mounding