Struggle Street for Some


Date:02 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

I've had a wonderful morning in the garden, until well after lunchtime until the rain set in.

The Spinach and Spring Onions in a tunnelhouse were getting past it, so I pulled those out to make more room for the rock melon to grow. The Spinach went straight into the garden bed that has terrible soil, and about half the Spring onions were ok, so they got washed and popped in the fridge. 

One of my rock melon seedlings isn't looking that great, not dying (yet), but the leaves are yellowing which makes me think it's either; missing some nutrients or getting a bit cold being next to the tunnelhouse door. I left the doors of the tunnelhouses open about half way while we were away so everything didn't cook. I'll give it another feed tomorrow in hope that makes it happier. 

Another crop not doing well is my sweetcorn. We haven't had the greatest spring warmth wise or even consistent weather, so it's struggling and isn't growing as fast as it usually does. Hopefully we get a warm, plus long enough summer to get some sort of crop. 

Weeds are growing well. The vege beds all got a quick weed, the peastraw really does an amazing job of keeping them down in general though. The one thing I regret about putting peastraw on before planting is that the wind keeps blowing it all over the seeds I've sown, even after removing it from the area I've sown in. And I'm wondering if they aren't getting enough light once they pop up. I don't like leaving the soil bare, so that was my theory putting it on so soon. 

The compost bins all got turned with the compost screw thingy I bought from Bunnings. If you haven't got one it's a must! So easy to use with little effort. 

I harvested two Cabbages that were ready, they are the first Cabbages since autumn for us, so that's exciting as they are still quite expensive in the supermarkets. 

And lastly I planted some more Spinach, Lettuce and Beetroot seedlings which I didn't need to water as the rain came just as I was getting the last punnet in. Couldn't of timed it better!

All the garden beds are starting to fill up now, and I also have enough space in each of them for succession planting, which is a first for me! 

Struggle Street for Some