Stunner day

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:07 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

It's 21.5 degrees it's only 1248 and I have to sit done my MS doesn't like the heat and I did not drink enough water . 
But I did get a bit done , I chose to move the first lot of seeds I sowed to the glass door fridge in the tunnel house , I decided they just need a bit more heat for germination. 
I sowed the first lot of pumpkin , scollipini , I will do another lot in a couple of weeks , these help substitute chicken and pig food . 
Also strawberry popcorn, teddy bear sunflowers , giant pumpkins and gourds .

I had a massive split in the hose that goes to the gardens by my she shed and joins to another hose that fills the pig water , and when you have to pay every time the water is on you really do not want to waste it , I just used a joiner and 2 female attachments , it's a 70 m hose so my frugal approach this year means a quick fixes .

I also made a wee start on getting the she shed ready for entertaining, starting by giving the plants a soak , cutting any unhealthy foliage and taking cuttings to gift for Xmas . 

Stunner day