Summer projects!


Date:28 Dec 2023

This year's peppers are for stocking up the spice drawer and seed store. I have cayenne, birds eye, poblano, purple UFO and Biquinho drying in the garage.

For Chipotle we will need an extra special project. Last year we had an OK attempt in the hooded bbq, but was a quick smoke with too much heat. A cold smoker is needed. The garden voucher would cover one, but where is the unique fun in that? So a new project is born.

Stage 1 is complete. We had a recycled Rimu potato box that we don't use. As the wood is of unknown origin, but being a food storage box, I suspect  it should be OK, and a good coating of food grade sealer made from beeswax will seal the inside and prevent contamination. Some brass end stops for copper pipe plumbing plugs up the air holes. And some pieces of pipe, threaded makes 2 chimneys. They have stops on them so I can close of or open 1 or 2 depending on needs.

Stage 2 will be the cold smoker unit. Lithium iron powered Smokai unit should arrive tomorrow!

Stage 3 wil be the internal racks. I frame insert will be custom made to hold 5 trays, these are ordered from overseas. I had to find ones that fit as the potato box is not a standard size. 

All going to plan, this will be making Chipotle mid January😊

Summer projects!