Sun sun sun


Date:07 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

 The sun was shining and it was warm today.

I ate my first zuchinis of the season hidden in enchiladas even got them into the young one.

I didn't manage to do much in the way of gardening today, I was suppose to plant out swan plants and ready a empty bed for incoming brassicas but I ended up playing with my son making xmas cards too long and ran out of time. I did get to have a quick wonder and relised how jungley my mid section has become, a lush food forest! Plums and peaches are plumping up and potatos are growing nicely. (Try not to tickle😆), celery Is starting to flower.

After eating a good handful of strawberries I've decided it must be time to get ready for bed.

Sun sun sun