Swiftly Karaka

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:23 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Woohoo we finally got the spuds in ,

Scotty rotary hoed and dug the trench's which I was extremely grateful for as my back is giving me a bit of grief . 
I placed the spuds 3 rows 3 kg of swift which mature between 60 to 80 days I should go read the packet again , and the Karaka that's 80 to 90 days . 
We added the hoops and netting mostly to keep the chooks off but since I chucked a liberal amount of blood and bone done it's to keep the dog off he thinks it smalls great , once the pop though the soil we will mound with home made compost and semi rotted hay .

It was a family event even though the dog is an anti helper as he tries to eat wheels and takes while they are being used .

We had to pop in to mega and right at the front the had purple asparagus at only $5 so I couldn't resist .

Swiftly Karaka