The bird nursery.

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:30 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Flowers

Although we don't have a lot of trees on our suburban section, over the past 3 weeks we have discovered several birds nests literally nestled in secret spots. There is one in the hedge which surrounds our back deck - we've spied (and heard) two little hungry chicks in that one.

Last weekend our grandson was picking up lemons from under one of our trees and disturbed a daddy bird who flew past him from another nest. He was fascinated to see a couple of eggs in that one. 

Today I was checking out our lime tree which is covered in buds and once again disturbed a daddy bird who was tending his three little eggs. I got SH to pull the thorny branches back for this photo but made sure they were untouched for Daddy ( and Mummy) bird to return to.

I am loving that our garden is not only a haven for flora but that fauna is enjoying it too. 

The bird nursery.