The Good and The Bad

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Date:02 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Last night, I will admit I was pondering over my onions, as I guess deep down, knew something wasn't right. This morning I got up, and investigated further. I removed the leaves that appear to be rotting (outer leaves) and also discovered a few smaller ones rotted completely. I am yet to work out whether it is damaged from wind/water logged or whether I have a virus setting in. 

I gave it a feed of Thrive (blood and bone) and sprayed it with copper before going to work. I also gave it some Dynamic Lifter. The feed obvious worked at is a more lush green this afternoon. But I can still see some rotting on outer leaves. I am truly gutted as I'm only a month or so away from them bulbing up. I've had a dig around and found a Nature's Way Fungus Powder to mix up (not used before, but figure I have nothing to lose). That will be tomorrow's job.

At this stage, I'm thinking that the cold snap and significant rain, followed by horrendous humidity yesterday just did not bode well. Perfect breeding ground. My last of my winter peas in a nearby bed curled their toes up this morning too.

After last year, this certainly was not the start I was hoping. Quite devastating if I'm honest.

That being said, I am no quitter. I had 4 half open packs of older seeds (Red Brunswick and Pukekohe Long Keeper). My trusty old favourites. These are slightly older seeds so they may not germinate, so I chucked them all in to seedraising mix this afternoon.  I'll give them a couple of weeks, and failing that, I have more of the two I have in (Italian Long Keeper and another red variety). Those are fresher seeds. I know I have a small window where I can get them going for a later harvest.

Discussing my woes with a friend at lunch (the one I shared the Deli Beans with) and she told me about her dad and how they use to grow onions in the Netherlands which is very much in fitting with Neil's recent discussions but with a twist. They grow theirs over two seasons, but pull them out as soon as they form little bulbs. So essentially pop in now, pull out before winter, dry, and replant. Apparently they get very big onions. I know climates will be different, but definitely food for thought...and I may actually give it a try if I can get some to germinate.

And on a miniature roses are out in the bbq garden, with 12 red lillies about to open. I also have a random seed pop up in my tomato garden. I did have Zucchinis in there I think last summer, but not 100% sure.

The Good and The Bad