The Harvest Is On It's Way


Date:10 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

My carrots have come up whoop whoop, I'm not sure if this is the seed sown first or second, but either way I'm very happy!

Courgettes are on their way, I spied a few on a couple of plants during my wander around today and I also have a couple more tomato plants forming fruit. Unfortunately I've lost a kamo kamo seedling I bought the other day. In my rush to replace the plants that were badly damaged with the slight frost the other day I didn't harden them off did I!! They were all indoors at the garden centre so it's surprising I haven't lost more. Plus the wind hasn't helped much either - my sunflowers and corn are all on a mad lean!

I've also lost some climbing beans thanks to the wind, so I've direct sowed some more in the missing spots. Hopefully they do better being direct sown/used to their environment and the wind takes a hike very soon! 

I think some of my kohl rabi is ready to harvest, it's about the size of a tennis ball? So my question is how do I eat it/cook it? Would love some recipes or ideas if you have any please 😊



The Harvest Is On It's Way