The prep continues - tunnel house two


Date:29 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Today was spent doing some more prep for when it's time to plant, I've never been more organised! Usually it's a 'do it as I plant out' job.

Last season I planted my cucumbers to grow up the structures in my picture, having two plants either side. It worked well, until it came to the end of the season and removing the spent plants while others were still healthy and producing, they were all a tangled mess and it was hard to distinguish what plants to remove. So this year I'm only going with the one plant per structure. 

I have 14 cucumber plants and only 8ish structures and I toyed with the idea of buying more, but at $25 a pop I didn't like that idea much. So I've decided to try the string method with the rest, as well as with my capsicums and chilli's.

I've placed them where their forever homes are going to be as they've been in the greenhouse where its warmer, so they need to get used to their new environment before planting out time, which will hopefully be in the coming week! 

The prep continues - tunnel house two