The spinach waits..

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:03 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

I sowed spinach seed around a month ago and over the past two weeks the seedlings have started to develop their second (true) leaves. Time to prick them out and get them into containers where they can concentrate on their root systems and prepare themselves for planting into the garden. 

Friday was the day - I got the containers, the potting mix, the pricking out knife and the labels and then I got called into work and ran out of daylight. Yesterday the containers, potting mix, labels and knife all came out of the girl hut again and then visitors turned up... ran out of time. Today was Fathers Day and I had a couple of hours aside apart from looking after SH when the kids and grandkids turned up and decided to stay for a while to celebrate the awesome Dad that is SH.

And so the spinach waits... maybe this week? Fortunately seedlings have time on their side and I have promised I will give them room to move very soon.

The spinach waits..