Time for change...


Date:11 Mar 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

The failed crop of curcubits has been cleared out, they were starting to come back, but the small plants had not even set flower yet.

The tomato trellises are slowly getting moved, furthering from the fenced and broad beans are going in behind them. Peas will go on the trellises over the winter and I hope for a better crop. No shelling peas as I have given up on them. Snap peas and snow peas will be the game this winter. 

Cabbage mini red and green and a mini Chinese, a few broccoli and cauliflower twister a self covering cauliflower will make up the brassica. I will also try a book Choi too.

Onions are going well. Yellow sweet Spanish and purplette along with a number of spring onion types will go in on the shortest day. They have all germinated in my grow cupboard and the light is set to 10 hours a day so they will hopefully not bolt when the spring equinox comes around. 

Hope everyone has a great time with what seems like a normal weather pattern for a change.

Time for change...