Time for Tomatoes


Date:25 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Well this spring has certainly changed the plans a few times. I started the tomatoes 2 weeks later than last year due to the space that my chillis took up in the grow cupboard.

Then the weather has not played ball, last year they were in the ground on the first weekend of September. Here we are at the end of September and they are now a small jungle in the greenhouse. 

This weekend is Tomato planting weekend. The plants are ready, the soil is ready, the temperatures should be fine. 

The rest of the garden is doing well, the broad beans are fattening up, and they don't taste any better 😂. Lettuce is doing really well. Onions are good, corn is getting bigger every day. Neighbours should be getting silverbeeet soon. There are some leeks to pick.

Peppers are in flower and some are fruiting. 

Need to find space for my Zuchinni. I added too many onions and used the spot up😂. Guees that plan is changed.

Have a great week everybody, Monday is done! 

Time for Tomatoes